Chris Haig - Bass / Vocals

Jonathan Hesbol - Guitar / Vocals

Mike Wexler - Drums / Vocals


Like the key that is their namesake, Philadelphia power trio The Skeleton Keys have been busy opening musical doors and winning over audiences with their unique recipe of rock, folk, blues, funk, and jazz.  Bringing together noted songwriters, session players, and sidemen Chris Haig, Jonathan Hesbol, and Mike Wexler, a Skeleton Keys concert isn't just another show - it's a 21st century happening.  With a big sound that answers such questions as "what if U2 and Roy Orbison had gotten a band together with John Prine and Prince?", the Keys leave no era or artist unturned as they groove, rattle, and rock their way through each and every set.  Performing both their own compositions as well as an ever-revolving selection of some of the best songs of the last half century, the Skeleton Keys' cocktail of three part harmony, fiery guitar, and an ace rhythm section make them an attraction that is not to be missed.